An organizational development consultant can’t save you

Organizational development consultant

Rushing in because the execs can’t be bothered to think about culture issues but fear disruption, what happens next for our hero? Continue Reading

Good corporate culture has a negative side

Corporate Culture

A mostly no-bullshit approach to what’s a “way to pay people less” to many senior decision-makers. Continue Reading

Why your work culture sucks (and how to fix it)

Work Culture

A violation of core business tenets. Continue Reading


How to be strategic about responding to work e-mails

Responding to work e-mails

E-mail, at least to me, is a total boondoggle. Responding to work e-mails is an even bigger boondoggle. Let’s start with a couple of basics: There are no established ‘norms’ on how to handle e-mail E-mail represents work, but it’s often not actually… Continue Reading

A hidden key to 2016 strategy planning

Strategy Planning

Hopefully you’ve already done some 2016 strategy planning for whatever size business you work at or run — because, you know, we’re halfway through Month II of the year at this point — but even if you have, you can… Continue Reading


Please stop listing your core values. You’re missing the point.

Core Values List

There are a lot of tremendously fraught things about the idea of “company culture” or “mission statements” or “visioning” or whatnot. By my count, the No. 1 most-fraught thing is that often (read: almost all the time), the ‘values’ of… Continue Reading


The 12 worst types of managers you can (will) have


Let’s start with a basic idea right up front: most people who become managers aren’t actually good at it. Broadly speaking (and realizing that each case is different), this happens for two reasons: Management isn’t intuitive: What got you there doesn’t work when you… Continue Reading


What’s making you the most distracted at work?


If you look above, it’s not social media — which I bet most employers (as opposed to employees) would say. It’s actually water/coffee and bathroom breaks, which makes some sense: the former (hopefully not the latter) are ways to socialize with co-workers, and socialization/having friends… Continue Reading