What’s making you the most distracted at work?


If you look above, it’s not social media — which I bet most employers (as opposed to employees) would say. It’s actually water/coffee and bathroom breaks, which makes some sense: the former (hopefully not the latter) are ways to socialize with co-workers, and socialization/having friends… Continue Reading

Can you build your business as a true community?

Work As Community

I find the idea of a business or organization being called other things — for example, “a family” or “a neighborhood” or “a community” — somewhat fraught, because work is work and people tend to have one brain/focus there, whereas… Continue Reading

The 9 types of employee you can be

If you like this post, feel free to share it with your friends. Share buttons are at the bottom of the post.  There’s a company called Virtuali that helps companies ‘develop and retain millennial leaders,’ which is a phrase that might… Continue Reading

What if companies having empathy was tied to revenue?

Corporate Empathy and Revenue

A big concern of senior management types at most companies whenever something like ’empathy’ or ‘culture’ or ‘purpose’ comes up is pretty simple: I’ve got a business to run. How’s this tied to the bottom line? Look, that’s logical. We’ve… Continue Reading


Business acronym to understand: B.R.A.V.E.

Valuable business acronym = B.R.A.VE.

In a business context, B.R.A.V.E. indicates or stands for: Behaviors Relationships Attitudes Values Environment That’s pretty much everything, right?

How critical of others is your organizational culture?

How critical of others is your work culture?

I was thinking about this last night for a while. Let me try to lay out what I’m talking about. I’ll probably do a semi-poor job, so bear with me. In every organization, regardless of size or industry, decisions need… Continue Reading


A ‘heads-down’ work culture actually is not a good thing

Heads Down Culture

If you lined up 100 managers at 100 different types of companies and asked them what types of employees they want under them, I’d assume more than 70 would describe some version of the classic ‘heads-down’ employee. That basically means a person… Continue Reading


Lack of strategy = rise of politics

Was just reading this review of #CMWorld from a few weeks ago in Cleveland — it’s a content marketing conference, if you don’t know — and came across this section: This approach is the result of us starting out with… Continue Reading