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Brief thought exercise: how closely do you connect your self-worth to your job?

Been thinking about this for a few years now in various forms: essentially, how do you view work in the grand scheme of your overall life? We clearly spend a lot of time… Continue reading

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Brief thought exercise: in reality, does your job need to exist?

To start, read this (from PBS), then this (from Slashdot). David Graeber teaches at the London School of Economics — so broadly, he’s vetted — but he’s also a leading thought person in… Continue reading

Results-Only Work Environment, or ROWE, should be the wave of the future. The problem? Often, employees are treated like children.

There’s a long article on Slate from over the weekend — I think it’s one of their most popular and most shared, all that — about ROWE, or Results-Only Work Environment. Here’s the article. I’ve written… Continue reading

Is entrepreneurship dying? And if so, is one reason (aside from the economy) the general distaste for bureaucracy in an entrepreneurial culture?

If you really think about, one of the most tangible selling points of America — one that you’ll hear bantered about quite often — is the idea of “entrepreneurial spirit.” This ties back… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: why are people generally more receptive to “let’s hop on a call” or “let’s schedule a meeting” then a three-line e-mail that explains the situation?

I’ve wondered this constantly in different jobs I’ve had, and even aspects of the job search. You can write a pretty short, to-the-point e-mail that explains your situation or a project’s situation and… Continue reading

What if one weekly meeting took up 300,000 hours of manpower in a year? That’s the entire year of 34 people’s lives. But this stuff happens.

Take a deep breath and say it with me: not everything needs to be a meeting. Pause, and now say it loud and say it proud: some things can be an e-mail, a quick talk… Continue reading

Brief thought exercise: where’s the line in a job interview between being casual/funny/personable and the definition of professionalism?

Feel like this has happened to me a couple of times in the last six-seven months: I’m at a job interview, and it’s one of those situations where you meet with 3-5 people… Continue reading

Let’s say you shifted your organization to people working 4 days a week, 10 hours a day. Every weekend is a three-day weekend. Could this help employee engagement?

People already do this — the video above is an example, and there are pockets of big companies (like ESPN) where people can get 4 x 10 shifts as opposed to the standard… Continue reading