Your employee handbook sucks. Let’s fix it.

Employee Handbook

But the easy idea of “move it to marketing” has flaws too. Continue Reading

Your onboarding process needs authority

Onboarding Process

“This here is Larry in accounts receivable. This is our new hire. Meet Larry. He’s been here 11 years…” <--- We can replace this with a much better first day. Continue Reading


Your recruiting process alienates the best people

Recruiting Process

Here’s how I want to spend my Wednesday: uploading a resume and then filling out 18 tabs of exactly the same information I just uploaded. Wait, what? Continue Reading


Onboarding: Revolve it around stories


If people are truly job-hopping more than ever, then onboarding is tremendously important. But most companies still do it horribly. What if we shifted the focus ever so slightly, though? Continue Reading

How to fix your onboarding program

Fix your onboarding program

I’m a weird person, and I have weird thoughts as I walk down the street, and yesterday was no different. It was slightly after work and I was going to meet my wife for a meeting. Completely based on nothing,… Continue Reading


Business acronym to understand: B.R.A.V.E.

Valuable business acronym = B.R.A.VE.

In a business context, B.R.A.V.E. indicates or stands for: Behaviors Relationships Attitudes Values Environment That’s pretty much everything, right?


Onboarding: Hit the ground running = total farce of a concept

Onboarding, Baby! HR!

Love the concept of onboarding (an employee’s first days/weeks/months at a company). Love it. Went to school to learn more about it, that was a waste, and I ended up working in marketing. Oh well. Life happens, I guess. You live and learn. Just… Continue Reading


These stats about on-boarding will make you gouge your eyes out with a rusty spike

Onboarding Stats Are Depressing

Ah, on-boarding. (Or is it “onboarding?”) The process of a new employee’s first day/days/weeks/months. It’s something every company should have a plan for, but almost none ever seem to. People view it as a transactional thing: meeting with your boss, walk-through with… Continue Reading