Your strategic road map is pointless, sir

Strategic Road Map

Another thing that many middle managers tend to shroud in process — as opposed to pursuing the effectiveness of the idea. Continue Reading


How do you align strategy and execution?

Align strategy and execution

I’ve had a bunch of different jobs, and I’ll be honest: by this point, about 13 years into working, I oftentimes have no idea what strategy even is. I know that senior leaders of companies typically have a couple of big meetings… Continue Reading

How meetings can drive managerial decision-making

Meetings and managerial decision-making

Meetings take up a lot of time. But what if they helped guide managerial decision-making? Just came across the writings of this guy Art Petty and specifically this blog about ’17 Ways Your Strategy Will Fail.’ I’ve written about this a… Continue Reading

Chess vs. checkers leadership

Hola. My name’s Ted Bauer. ‘Tis my blog. I write a lot about organizational behavior, leadership, management, marketing, the future of work, and other assorted topics. Recently I’ve been thinking that it’s pretty cool that random people may stumble across… Continue Reading

Daily deliverables murdered strategy

Daily Deliverables vs. Long-Term Strategy

Hard to think long-term when you’re always worshipping at the temple of busy, baby. Continue Reading


Strategy and operations aren’t the same thing

Please stop confusing a planning process with a strategic one. Continue Reading