Communication in the workplace: Let’s fix this

Communication in the workplace

There are six tiers you can focus on, but sadly — most managers undermine all six tiers. Continue Reading

How to get organized at work

How to get organized at work

I’ve probably worked with 1,500 different people in various jobs I’ve had. I could count maybe 4 that ever spent a second thinking about how to get organized at work. The common way most people approach the concept of ‘how… Continue Reading


Get organized in 2015 with “speed elimination”

Get Organized Speed Elimination

Driving to work this morning, my wife and I were talking about this cycle that seems to occur every year after the holidays. You hit the holidays with a lot of hope — there will be less e-mails and calls… Continue Reading

Jack Dorsey (from Twitter, Square) sent this e-mail in 2012 about authority and merit. People should take it as corporate gospel.

You may have seen this already — if not, here’s what happened. Jack Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter and is now running things at Square (that little thing on top of iPads that you can swipe your credit card through, for… Continue Reading

Brief thought exercise: in reality, does your job need to exist?

Are you doing something that really moves the org forward, or are you there to represent how fast the place is growing? Continue Reading


Could you apply blue ocean marketing/consumer-type strategies to the idea of leadership?

You might have heard of “blue ocean strategy.” It’s a very b-school term in some ways, but basically it means this: rather than going head-to-head with your competitors on everything, carve out “blue oceans” of untapped market space. It’s all documented… Continue Reading

I was a corps member, then I worked at, Teach for America. Here are a couple of pro/con thoughts.

Quickly before I get going: Justin Meli, in the video above (which has been put on The Atlantic and other places), was actually my roommate during Teach for America’s Summer Institute in Houston, TX back in summer 2003. (Moody Towers, y’all. I… Continue Reading


Here’s a good quote regarding the length of the work week in a knowledge-based economy

From here, regarding Sweden contemplating a six-hour workday: As we transition to an economy dominated by knowledge workers rather than assembly-line workers, where productivity is more difficult to both measure and optimize, we haven’t yet figured out the best formula for maximizing output—something that,… Continue Reading