One paragraph explaining how clueless talent management is

Individual advancement vs. organizational betterment. Continue Reading


Your corporate training program likely sucks

Corporate training

“For the life of me, I cannot remember what made us think we were wise…” Continue Reading

Organizational change theory: Do not linger

Organizational change theory

As market conditions shift, job roles change, and other things happen in the course of employment, people get scared, nervous, etc. And what do we do? Drown the approach to working with them in HR paperwork. Less than stellar. Let’s fix this. Continue Reading

Your change management plan will terrify you, yes

Change management plan

“No time, Nate! I’m chasing new revenue streams and this change idea has me terrified!” Continue Reading


Company hierarchy sucks. Can we improve the issues?

Company hierarchy

We keep hearing that top-down management doesn’t work in 2016, but hierarchy is a massive brain-soother for many in the corporate sphere. But it sucks. So, er, what now? Continue Reading

An organizational development consultant can’t save you

Organizational development consultant

Rushing in because the execs can’t be bothered to think about culture issues but fear disruption, what happens next for our hero? Continue Reading

Business intelligence tools: The four areas to consider

Business Intelligence Tools

What can a global leader at McKinsey teach us about what business tools we need to be thinking about for growth? Continue Reading


‘Best boss’ discussions are often total garbage

Best Boss

If you do a simple Google search for ‘best boss’ or ‘how to be the best boss,’ there are millions and millions of results. The dirty little secret? They’re mostly all garbage. Continue Reading