End the deification of the workaholic


The workaholic culture will never end, and especially among males — but we can at least reduce the ways we deify it and treat it as vain-glorious, no? Continue Reading


The death of middle management

Middle management

Middle management has been a punchline for decades now, and is often thought of the place with enough process to choke a farm of horses. Is the Knowledge Economy finally going to kill it? Continue Reading

Organizational Change: Avoid ‘The Spreadsheet Mentality’

Organizational Change and The Spreadsheet Mentality

The Spreadsheet Mentality is a business concept born from “what’s measured is what matters.” And it absolutely murders productivity and efforts at organizational change, even though executives tend to deify it. Continue Reading

Bad bosses: The circles of management hell

Bad Bosses

I’ve got a lot of experience with bad bosses (definitely more with that type than with good bosses, unfortunately); I’ve got so much experience with bad bosses, honestly, that I once wrote a post explicitly detailing the 12 worst types… Continue Reading


The true test of successful organizational development

Organizational Development

Organizational development suffers from the same core business problem as many things — it’s hard to measure. Here’s the basic deal with many jobs: even though senior leaders usually aren’t very good at analyzing data in the context of decision-making,… Continue Reading