The white paper marketing bubble will pop soon, right?

White paper marketing

The supply-demand problem of content marketing comes home to roost. Continue Reading


Stop purporting to solve a problem simply because you have a number in the headline

8 Ways To Live The Life You Want! 7 Tricks To Eat Less When Eating Out! 10 Ways To Make Your Bulletin Boards POP! 11 Ways To Bring More Play Into Your Life! 17 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website… Continue Reading


Marketing doesn’t completely understand content

Marketers don't really understand content

From here: According to a recent survey sourced in Ad Age, 75 percent of marketers said that content should frequently mention products and services, yet 60 percent of their audience turns down salesy content. This is the true rubber-meets-road moment… Continue Reading

Facebook eliminating clickbait headlines is a purely business move

You may have heard about Facebook’s attempts to eliminate / remove ‘click bait,’ or, essentially, articles that kind of tease you into clicking on them — bait you, in other words — with a controversial or attention-seeking headline or photo, then fail to… Continue Reading

Marketing to 18 to 24 year-olds is challenging

This company called Fractl — whose motto is “Leverage the science behind great content” — did a study recently centering on “The Wheel of Emotions”  and trying to determine what could go “viral” via age bracket and gender. A marketing VP/partner… Continue Reading

Will content marketing help you achieve business goals?

I’d classify myself as in the “content marketing” space, although it can vary on a day-to-day basis (as can any job). I try to read stuff about it whenever I can, and I came across this post on ClickZ that… Continue Reading

Amazon vs. Netflix is getting more and more interesting

Just learned this today: Amazon has an entire landing page for “not on Netflix.” A shot across the bow? Perhaps. It’s kind of interesting broadly, though: five-six years ago, you would maybe kinda view Amazon and Netflix as business rivals — Netflix primarily… Continue Reading

Google Trends Newsroom is here for the World Cup; could that model essentially become the future of journalism?

Check this out: Google Trends Newsroom, with 20 or so employees, keeping track of search trends around World Cup games and really helping you tap into the mood and spirit of different countries (and/or the world). If you go there… Continue Reading