The recruitment process needs less of a focus on speed

The recruitment process

Malcolm Gladwell gets involved here. Continue Reading


One set of people management skills actually matters

People Management Skills

All you really need to do is walk around and observe stuff. Continue Reading


Business metrics: You’re doing it wrong. Let’s fix it.

Business Metrics

It’s really hard to do business metrics well unless you have a culture of honesty and transparency, and most companies do not. You can still grab, scrub, analyze, and decide off data and business metrics, but there will be a lot of politics, BS, under-cutting, and the like preventing true success. Continue Reading


Human Resources: How do we still call it ‘human?’

Human Resources

Please explain to me how Human Resources operates in a ‘human’ way. I see the process ways, the protocol ways, the compliance ways, and the cover-your-ass ways. Where are the human ways? Continue Reading


People analytics is still far off

People Analytics

It’s 2016. We have data everywhere, and that includes data on new hires and management. Why don’t we use that to structure our business processes better? Um, because secretly it violates every tenet of human psychology… Continue Reading


Maybe it’s time to empower Human Resources

Empower Human Resources

There’s a lot of talk in ‘thought leadership’ circles around the notion of ‘let’s empower Human Resources,’ but here’s the thing to remember: most ‘thought leaders’ are consultants and coaches. They tend to get paid by companies hosting them to… Continue Reading


Start taking responsibility for your own analytics

Take ownership of analytics

From here: “Can you imagine a CFO going to the CEO and saying, ‘I don’t really know how to read a balance sheet, but I have someone on my team who is really good at it.’ We would laugh that… Continue Reading


How long will this “gut feel” vs. “use analytics” debate go on?

Value of People Analytics

This is a super-long, but super-interesting discussion between two UPenn professors (Adam Grant and Cade Massey) on the rise of people analytics, how teams can work effectively, and how we should be hiring, amongst other topics. A video is also… Continue Reading