Beating a performance improvement plan (and the dirty little secret)

Performance Improvement Plan

How do you escape from a Performance Improvement Plan when it comes calling for you? Continue Reading


Career conversations: Can we make this a thing?

Career Conversations

So, let’s get this straight. Business is supposed to be about growth and looking forward. New potential and opportunities, right? But … we evaluate employees using a method that only looks backward. Hmm. Maybe it’s time to fix that. Continue Reading

Personnel problems lose you about $15.5M/year

Personnel Problems

Kicking stuff to HR = hitting you right in the wallet. Continue Reading


Employee evaluation: The comedy of removing it

Employee Evaluation

What happens when you replace a bad idea with no idea? Nothing better. Continue Reading


Employee performance: A pervasive myth

Employee Performance + cover your ass

We let ourselves believe a lot of things about work, and how people relate to work, that aren’t really true. Continue Reading

Why the performance appraisal is a joke

Performance Appraisal

Research from Wharton that will blow your mind on the notion of “good employees” vs. “bad employees.” Continue Reading