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Marco Rubio seems to be gunning for the young people in 2016 with this student loan debt bill, right?

We all know Marco Rubio is a potential 2016 Presidential contender on the Republican side, with the whole “water gaffe” thing put aside. The GOP field is odd / interesting / weak —… Continue reading

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Brief thought exercise: has modern politics mostly become about Big Data and targeting?

Famous narrative of Obama winning in 2008 (and again in 2012) was that the Democratic machine had better data, analysis, and targeting methods. This has been discussed for years. The Republicans have a… Continue reading

Does Robert Aderholt want your children to be fat?

Robert Aderholt is a Congressman from Alabama, and, as a House Appropriations sub-committee chairman, he’s ultimately responsible for setting funding levels on school nutrition programs. You might know that “healthy eating” is a big… Continue reading

Government employment actually FELL during this economic recovery. Is that why the recovery still doesn’t feel that strong?

The chart above is courtesy of here. It’s in turn via here, which notes that it’s fairly unprecedented, at least in modern times — government employment tends to rise during recoveries, but not so this time.… Continue reading

Most urban sprawl, 2000-2010? Myrtle Beach. Least? Tallahassee.

Sprawl is a pretty big topic — and has ties back to politics, too – with a lot of impact on where people eventually want to move/settle. Now there’s a new report doing a… Continue reading

Is Milwaukee the most racially and politically divided city in the United States?

Back at the end of 2010, Milwaukee topped a Brookings Institution study on the most racially-segregated metro areas in America. Now, take a look at this map of the 2012 Presidential results from Milwaukee… Continue reading

When politics confuses you, remember this: it’s mostly about voting by party

Politics can often be confusing, but if you dig just below the surface, it doesn’t have to be. Consider this. Pew recently did a study on Presidential candidate traits, and they found some… Continue reading

Mark Cuban is a racist? Nope. Mark Cuban was trying to have a conversation. That’s actually a good thing.

There’s the clip. The story that spun off of this alternates between “Mark Cuban is a racist” and “Mark Cuban stirred the racial climate.” In reality, this whole Mark Cuban thing represents two bad elements… Continue reading