Why political polarization in America is unique

Political Polarization

Three main issues here, and they played out big in 2016 (and shall continue to do so!). Continue Reading

Guest Post: Why I still love Americans

Neil Patrick from the UK takes over my blog for a day. Fun times! Continue Reading


It’s actually fairly easy to explain Donald Trump’s rise

I guess we should start here: he’s not going to win the GOP nomination. He might run top-3 for a portion of the primaries, but he won’t win. I don’t even think he thinks he’ll win; I doubt any staff… Continue Reading

Only 32 percent of children in Mississippi are in two-parent households

States with Most and Least Two-Parent Families

Check out the above. It’s a map of two-parent households around the USA, as organized by percentage of states. If you want a better version, click here. If you’re into lists of states and percentages, well, here you go: This is a… Continue Reading

Evenwel vs. Abbott might change a lot about Hispanic voter influence

Hispanic Voting Power vs. Eligible to Vote

Start here: Of the 25 districts with the highest Hispanic population shares, 19 also are among the 25 districts with the lowest eligible-voter share. This is because so many Hispanics aren’t eligible to vote, either because they’re not U.S. citizens… Continue Reading


Cops have killed 385 people so far in 2015, but look deeper at the numbers

Cop Shootings White vs. Black

385 people through five months is basically two people per day getting killed by a police officer somewhere in America, which is twice the rate of the past decade. That’s not good. Before you think it’s all “white cop vs. black, unarmed offender”… Continue Reading

Pro-Choice! Pro-Life! Um, how about Pro-Voice?

Aspen Baker and Pro-Voice Abortion

Personally have never understood the over-politicization of the abortion topic, especially because it’s inherently ironic that decisions about women’s bodies can be dictated in a political arena, which is predominantly old white men with money.  Now there’s this: Pro-voice means listening to all… Continue Reading


Are we becoming less religious?

Are we now less religious?

First, look at this chart (it’s from here): In general, then, richer nations — UK, Germany, Japan, Australia — tend to be less religious, but the U.S. actually seems to be far more religious than other nations among its wealth-generating peers.