Isn’t it time we were more open about sex?

The conversations we don’t have are harming us. Continue Reading

When you complain about Google and privacy, please also think about John Henry Skillern

You can make a fairly compelling argument that “privacy” is the issue of the moment in some ways. Everyone’s concerned about how much information is out there about all of us via Google and Facebook and credit card purchases and… Continue Reading

The three most-searched-for terms in porn, from an occupation standpoint, are likely “teacher,” then “babysitter,” then “nurse”

The cliche is “pizza delivery boy” or “plumber,” but the reality is: Full data here (the link is safe for work; it’s just their Insights blog, which can actually teach you a lot about the habits of different parts of… Continue Reading


Porn analytics can be illuminating

I won’t go too deeply into this, as (a) it’s Christmas Eve and (b) the broader topic might scare off some readers, but there’s an article on Gizmodo recapping the year in porn (via PornHub’s porn analytics charts; I won’t… Continue Reading