On The Fappening, Kate Upton, ethics and all that

When nudes get released of celebs, how should we process that information? Continue Reading

When you complain about Google and privacy, please also think about John Henry Skillern

You can make a fairly compelling argument that “privacy” is the issue of the moment in some ways. Everyone’s concerned about how much information is out there about all of us via Google and Facebook and credit card purchases and… Continue Reading


On Larry Page, dreaming big, and anonymous health care “big data”

Larry Page appeared at the TED 30th Anniversary conference in Vancouver, speaking on stage with Charlie Rose (part of the interview is above, and you can find a deeper transcript here). There are about 127 different headlines you could go… Continue Reading

Privacy and big data discussions have now extended to the farmers, via Monsanto and John Deere

I considered applying for a job with Monsanto last year in grad school — let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have gotten it because it’s a St. Louis-based ag company and I’m some ridiculous douchebag from New York City — and… Continue Reading