Problem solving skills: A.C.T.

Problem Solving Skills

… because every problem in business needs an acronym to solve it, right? Continue Reading


In business, are you solving the right problem?

Business: Focus on Problems and Questions, Not Answers and Solutions

The first thing I’m going to say here is a generalization, but I believe all generalizations have to come from┬ásome┬ákernel of truth, no? I think we live in a society, business-wise, that’s very focused on answers and solutions — as… Continue Reading


How about being a problem-anticipator instead of a problem-solver?

Problem-Anticipating vs. Problem-Solving

Here’s a basic fact of life that people don’t really discuss all that often, best I can tell: Most of the time, you have a plan for how something will go. This applies to work, to friends, to relationships, etc.… Continue Reading