Knowledge sharing at work: A legit differentiator

Knowledge sharing

Seems like an important play if we truly live in The Knowledge Economy now, yes? Continue Reading


You don’t need to gag on work process during the holidays

Work Process cover your ass

Most of Cubicle Land during the holidays is a mix of hypocrisy and excess process designed to “keep people focused.” It doesn’t need to be that way. Continue Reading


The attention to detail paradox

Attention to Detail

If you’re hitting your real targets, your “attention to detail” can be sloppy as hell. But if your boss doesn’t like you, this will keep you in a box. Continue Reading


What should team development really look like?

Team Development

It’s less about rushing to your next meeting and hiring consultants, and more about thinking through the process. Continue Reading


Branding strategies: Many marketers are clueless here

Branding Strategies

Stop screeching about ‘branding strategies’ in all-hands meetings when, in fact, you just want to talk about process and guidelines. They’re very different things. Continue Reading

Process improvement: End ‘process for the sake of process’

Process Improvement

Process is supposed to make business better and more effective. If it’s not doing that — if it’s just there to be there or make people feel better — then it’s totally worthless. Continue Reading

Business process buried results

Business Process

Hmmm… business process. That’s a multi-layered topic, no? Let me do my best here. I think the first place you need to begin is with the idea that for most senior executives — or quote unquote decision-makers — within an… Continue Reading

The relationship between “needs” and “process”

Change vs. Process

Coming back from lunch a bit ago with sore throat (sucks) and had this thought randomly. I think I can describe the business world in one equation/concept (while admitting that all organizations are unique in their own way). Rate/Speed Of… Continue Reading