Branding strategies: Many marketers are clueless here

Branding Strategies

Stop screeching about ‘branding strategies’ in all-hands meetings when, in fact, you just want to talk about process and guidelines. They’re very different things. Continue Reading

Process improvement: End ‘process for the sake of process’

Process Improvement

Process is supposed to make business better and more effective. If it’s not doing that — if it’s just there to be there or make people feel better — then it’s totally worthless. Continue Reading

Business process buried results

Business Process

Hmmm… business process. That’s a multi-layered topic, no? Let me do my best here. I think the first place you need to begin is with the idea that for most senior executives — or quote unquote decision-makers — within an… Continue Reading

The relationship between “needs” and “process”

Change vs. Process

Coming back from lunch a bit ago with sore throat (sucks) and had this thought randomly. I think I can describe the business world in one equation/concept (while admitting that all organizations are unique in their own way). Rate/Speed Of… Continue Reading


Onboarding: Hit the ground running = total farce of a concept

Onboarding, Baby! HR!

Love the concept of onboarding (an employee’s first days/weeks/months at a company). Love it. Went to school to learn more about it, that was a waste, and I ended up working in marketing. Oh well. Life happens, I guess. You live and learn. Just… Continue Reading

How to ID a bad boss: Single point of failure all the time

Single Point of Failure and Managers

Wrote once about the (probably not so) hidden cost of having a bad manager. Here’s another thing I thought of in the car ride back from therapy this morning. The following doesn’t apply to my current manager, but does apply to a bunch of people… Continue Reading