Business productivity: The 15-minute pocket rocket

Business Productivity

How to find 300 hours/year in your schedule — where you least expect it! Continue Reading


Work week: How we view it is a joke

Work Week

“I put in 88 last week, baby! I’m building the biz!” This is wrong on at least six different levels. Continue Reading

Work Martyr: Yea, this isn’t a good thing

Work Martyr

Get off the cross, baby. Others need the wood. Continue Reading


Work smarter not harder: The Firehouse Idea

Work smarter not harder

We deify the workaholic and tend to care more about quantity of work than quality, so this is hard — but can it be done? Yes. Yes, it can. Continue Reading


The great project planning myth

Project Planning

Project planning? No time! I got a boss to please! (But seriously, here’s a research-backed look at why most project plans aren’t that great.) Continue Reading


The problem with collaboration tools

Collaboration Tools

You really think it’s gonna cut down on your email? Ideally it would, but you don’t know Samantha from Accounting and her reluctance to change, now do you…? Continue Reading

Time management skills: The check-in

Time management skills

Time management skills are fairly rare in most workplaces and teams. But what if we taught managers to change one little bitty thing? Continue Reading


End the deification of the workaholic


The workaholic culture will never end, and especially among males — but we can at least reduce the ways we deify it and treat it as vain-glorious, no? Continue Reading