Don’t buy all the hype on Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones 2-Faced

Start by watching the above. I did last night. I was actually pretty impressed. Paul Tudor Jones is worth about $4 billion, give or take (him personally). He’s at TED basically saying, “You know what? Capitalism has been great to… Continue Reading


The one thing your product needs is a simple, elegant interface

Importance of Interface Design

Consider this: The light bulb (Edison) was introduced in 1879; we didn’t see major productivity gains from it until the 1920s. Computers existed in the 1950s and 1960s, but we didn’t see major usage until the 1980s. The Internet even… Continue Reading


Apple is dead. Long live Apple!

You know how athletes — and definitely professional wrestlers — always talk about being gunned for when you’re No. 1 / the champion? If you want a real-life application of that, look no further than Apple, the undisputed cash-on-hand king… Continue Reading

Is Google going to have problems with search advertising as more people shift to mobile?

You’ve probably heard this by now, but if not: Google’s Q1 estimates were under the expectations, which doesn’t often happen with them. Income/profit was $3.45 billion (yes, a number that indicates you’re struggling) and revenue was $12.2 billion once you take out… Continue Reading

Wal-Mart tried a video games trade-in strategy in 2009. It didn’t work. With CExchange, will it work now?

This seems like an interesting plan: Wal-Mart is now going to accept video game trade-ins in 3,100 or so of their 4,835 U.S. stores. It’s interesting because normally when you trade-in a video game — say, at GameStop — you use… Continue Reading

The world of infomercials is insanely interesting

I had insomnia for a while as a kid, so I spent some time watching infomercials. I didn’t really think about it a lot, but once in a while in my 20s I’d check out a few on YouTube, just… Continue Reading