The value of protests in the algorithm age


Those 29 likes on your funny Instagram sign are not “fighting the establishment” just yet. Continue Reading

Twitter is good for finding information, for sure. But could it be used to predict events ahead of time?

Could you use Twitter to ostensibly figure out that a historical tide is shifting before it actually does? Kinda. This is from a new study done by a PhD student at MIT named Nathan Kallus. Here’s the abstract: With public information becoming widely… Continue Reading


There are protests right now in Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand and Egypt. What’s going on?

There are protests in progress on four continents right now. Each one has a different reason for being, but they’re still worth exploring individually for a second. The purpose of this post isn’t to go into drastic detail on each one —… Continue Reading

What exactly is happening with people setting themselves on fire in China?

The simple story is that it has to do with protests of rural houses being set for destruction because of China’s desire to urbanize; 41 people have lit themselves on fire (it’s called self-immolation) between January 2009 and January 2012… Continue Reading