What are the best U.S. cities for public transportation?

Public transportation ridership rose 37 percent from 1995 to 2013, and it seems to be a concept that millennials want out of any city in which they put down roots. Since millennials will be the primary U.S. home buyers for the… Continue Reading

The average parking space requires about the same amount of space as a studio apartment in New York City. Can Paris’ idea buck this trend?

The United States spent about a century getting to the point where cars — and the ability to put cars somewhere near attractions — were more valuable than people themselves. Now it might need to spend about 50 years trying… Continue Reading


Could the Vancouver bus system be the key to finally ramping up the timeline on urban transportation projects?

Of the myriad things that don’t make sense in life, here’s one that strikes some people from time-to-time. Because of the culture and context aligned in an industry like tech, you can get a brand-new iPhone app in about three… Continue Reading

Is Dublin, Ohio going to be the future of the American neighborhood?

Here are a few things we seem to know about the America of the future: walkability will be important to residents, as will good public transportation options (even though BRT seems to be meeting with opposition in some places), and the… Continue Reading


What millennials seem to want out of cities: walkability, public transportation, good schools and parks (car is not necessary)

Admittedly, the “millennials vs. Boomers” topic is already a little old — and this is before millennials even start assuming the majority of roles in the workforce (right now, many of them are still in some form of school, or… Continue Reading

Public transportation ridership rose 37 percent from 1995 to 2013. That’s a good thing, right?

The conventional logic says that public transportation will rise as gas prices rise (basic economic situation there). That seemed to be the case in the 1950s in some cities, but now — via data from the American Public Transportation Association… Continue Reading

I-81 runs 855 miles from Knoxville to Canada. But one 1.4-mile stretch in Syracuse, NY could be a window to the future.

Fun fact: Dwight Eisenhower’s vision for the interstate system actually came from some roads he saw in Germany while a general. Communication lines got a bit crossed, though, and he didn’t actually realize interstates would run through cities until a few years… Continue Reading


The U.S. needs more bus rapid transit (BRT) systems. A good example of why would be Buffalo, NY.

Let’s start with an understanding of what “Bus Rapid Transit,” or BRT, is. This article gives a good summary; essentially, it’s like giving a bus its own lane and having stations at each stop. Overall, it’s like turning bus travel… Continue Reading