Why company core values actually matter

Company Core Values

Chase the cheddar with some “mission and purpose” in mind. Continue Reading

Do mission and vision lead to profits?

Mission and vision

There are two types of corporate mission, essentially — and one of the two types will make you more money. Continue Reading

Meaningful jobs: What factors do we need?

Meaningful jobs

Nice new research from MIT here. Continue Reading


Work problems: Achievement vs. fulfillment

Work Problems

Life isn’t black and white, and how we evaluate work can’t be either. Continue Reading

Corporate values and enemies

Corporate Values

Trump’s America? Continue Reading


Please stop listing your core values. You’re missing the point.

Core Values List

There are a lot of tremendously fraught things about the idea of “company culture” or “mission statements” or “visioning” or whatnot. By my count, the No. 1 most-fraught thing is that often (read: almost all the time), the ‘values’ of… Continue Reading


‘Following your passion’ could be the actual problem

Is following your passion a bad idea?

For better or worse, whenever a calendar year turns from one to the next, we have a tendency to evaluate, reflect, attempt to prioritize, and resolve that X-things will happen in (later year) that didn’t happen in (earlier year). This… Continue Reading

Is social media making the rat race even worse?

Is social media making the rat race worse?

From Fast Company, on purpose and passion vs. money in terms of how you evaluate jobs: In the age of social media, we’re bombarded by pressure to continually achieve. Facebook is simply an online archive of people’s mini-achievements. Because we’re so… Continue Reading