Stop asking boring questions when you meet new people

“What do you do?” doesn’t cut it. Continue Reading


Here’s a great example of a question a boss should ask

A simple couple of words to help managers do better at communicating, especially around stressful topics. Continue Reading


Business, simplified: It’s about your problem solving approach

Problem solving approach

Let’s keep this real simple for you. Continue Reading


Naysayers can’t be drowned out if you want success


Gotta challenge that perception once in a while, right? Continue Reading

The “I am a failure” problem of work

I am a failure

Many of us are confused about work and think we’re under-performing, but oftentimes it’s the context and clarity that are failing us. Continue Reading


Intelligent questions: The strategic importance

Intelligent Questions

“I don’t need questions,” a manager bellows, “I need f’n solutions!” Right — but the solutions usually come from asking the right Qs. Here’s how to tame this dragon of a process. Continue Reading

Future of Work: Judger questions vs. learner questions

Learner questions vs. judger questions

What’s a judger question? What’s a learner question? Let me give this to Fast Company to explain: Learner questions facilitate progress by expanding options, while judger questions impede progress by limiting perspectives. The idea of judger questions and learner questions are massively… Continue Reading


In business, are you solving the right problem?

Business: Focus on Problems and Questions, Not Answers and Solutions

The first thing I’m going to say here is a generalization, but I believe all generalizations have to come from some kernel of truth, no? I think we live in a society, business-wise, that’s very focused on answers and solutions — as… Continue Reading