The Rust Belt sure Googles the word “n*gger” a lot

Where people Google "nigger"

Via here, and ultimately here: West of the Mississippi is a bastion of non-hate, eh? Well, somewhat I guess. (That’s why it’s a good place to go find a spouse.) The Rust Belt, well … SMDH. It might be a… Continue Reading

Jay-Z offers one of the best summaries of The War on Drugs

Jay Z War on Drugs

I went to Montreal for New Year’s Eve 2008 to 2009. First word of caution: don’t go to Montreal for New Year’s Eve. It’s a beautiful city and it has a tremendous food/beer culture, but … on December 31 of a given… Continue Reading


Exploring white attitudes on African-Americans in prisons

The whole topic of racial attitudes around incarnation is very fraught — and also very complicated, as entire bodies of research are penned on it across people’s careers. I can’t begin to scratch the surface. I do know this, as… Continue Reading

There are more minorities than whites in U.S. public schools

Here’s a new report from NCES; it has a lot of data points on U.S. public school demographics between here and 2022, and this, summarized in Quartz, might be the most interesting: this fall, Hispanics + Asians + African-Americans + Native… Continue Reading

The Michael Brown case is sad. It’s also less a racial issue, and more about the role of police.

I was in Las Vegas all this week at a conference (I haven’t actually written a new blog entry here in about six days, and was going through some kind of longing for it). If you’ve ever spent any significant… Continue Reading

Is Milwaukee the most racially and politically divided city in the United States?

Back at the end of 2010, Milwaukee topped a Brookings Institution study on the most racially-segregated metro areas in America. Now, take a look at this map of the 2012 Presidential results from Milwaukee and surrounding counties: That data originally comes… Continue Reading


Is Craig Watkins’ Conviction Integrity unit in Dallas going to fundamentally change how the justice system works? Damn, let’s hope.

So far, it’s helped exonerate 33 wrongfully-convicted inmates, and the idea of a ‘Conviction Integrity Unit’ has spread to 11 other major U.S. cities, including New York, Detroit, and Cleveland. Here’s the money quote: “In 10 years we’ll look back… Continue Reading

Mark Cuban is a racist? Nope. Mark Cuban was trying to have a conversation. That’s actually a good thing.

There’s the clip. The story that spun off of this alternates between “Mark Cuban is a racist” and “Mark Cuban stirred the racial climate.” In reality, this whole Mark Cuban thing represents two bad elements of society — but not what you’re… Continue Reading