Make this hot and sour soup soon, you prick

Sweet and Sour Soup

I’ve made this soup 2-3 times in the past month. I live in Texas and it hasn’t particularly been that cold — maybe high-20s, low-30s as a low — but best I can tell, it works in multiple weather environments… Continue Reading

How to make Thanksgiving dinner via YouTube

Thanksgiving Dinner

You can manage Christmas almost entirely via YouTube, and do the same with Super Bowl (or other occasion) chili recipes. But the mother of all multiple-prepared-dishes holidays is Thanksgiving. Can you get at that via YouTube? Of course. In fact, I… Continue Reading

Everyone should try Gwyneth Paltrow’s chicken kapama

Chicken Kapama

Gwyneth Paltrow is loathsome, but nobody does loathsome better. Blake Lively sucks, Alicia Silverstone looks exhausted, and no one is taking Shailene Woodley’s advice on toothpaste. None of them went to Spence, dated Brad Pitt, or won an Academy Award… Continue Reading

Would it be possible to develop your Super Bowl chili recipes via only YouTube? Seems plausible.

I’m a huge believer that you can learn things almost entirely from YouTube — a woman in Idaho basically built a house via YouTube videos — so it seems like the Super Bowl and what you eat should be no different.… Continue Reading


Broncos and Seahawks? Negative. The Super Bowl is really about a small town in central Arkansas (thank you, cheese dip)

Nobody appreciates Arkansas, and that’s probably truer with food than anything else: it’s right near Texas and Louisiana (both extremely famous in different food sub-categories), and it doesn’t even have an official state food. But around this time of year every… Continue Reading