The career ladder has a dangerous side

Career Ladder

What happens if most of your management team is high-power, but low-respect/status individuals? Um. Nothing good. Continue Reading


The Era of Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries

… but unfortunately, it’s often designed to protect those already with power and influence. Continue Reading


The true test of successful organizational development

Organizational Development

Organizational development suffers from the same core business problem as many things — it’s hard to measure. Here’s the basic deal with many jobs: even though senior leaders usually aren’t very good at analyzing data in the context of decision-making,… Continue Reading

The most granular piece of leadership advice ever

Granular Leadership Advice

Ah, Saturday morning. Coffee. Business blogs and websites. Reading about leadership. I’m a total nerd. Here’s an article on Fast Company entitled “How To Implement Change Without Making Your Employees Hate You,” which certainly seems like a noble goal for any organization. The… Continue Reading

Future Of Work: Provide opportunities for growth

Job Priorities and Expectations Around the World

The first thing you need to realize whenever anyone discusses a topic like “the future of work” is that said concept varies drastically from A-Place to B-Place in the world. How could someone in an office park in Topeka, Kansas… Continue Reading


Standard hierarchy is the lowest form of respect

Hierarchy In Organizations

You ever get into discussions with people at work and they invariably say something like, “Well, if I ran stuff…” We’ve all done this. I have, probably more times than I can count. For a frame of reference there, I’m 34 and… Continue Reading

Life Key: Move away from fear, greed, and ignorance

Greed Fear Ignorance

This is kind of interesting. MIT has this project called “ULab,” which is designed to transform higher education. That’s a pretty complex topic to tackle, because a lot of the problems with higher education come from the context of how… Continue Reading


Here’s a pretty simple lesson about showing respect at work


Out of all the stuff I’ve ever written on this blog, including the true crime stuff, one of the things that made me the saddest was writing about how no one apparently “has the time” to respect their employees at… Continue Reading