The basic resume should probably die a slow, painful death

Basic Resume

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Get better at recruiting passive candidates

Passive candidates

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Career goals and the role of a boss

Career Goals

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Can we end the job-hopping stigma?

Let's end the job hopping stigma

Human Resources has been chasing ‘the seat at the table’ for probably three generations now, but many organizations still treat it as a compliance function and many outright ignore it. From a senior management standpoint, the reasoning is simple: HR doesn’t generate… Continue Reading

Laszlo Bock and Google’s resume advice is good, but it isn’t the be-all and the end-all

This article from Thomas Friedman that ran in Sunday’s New York Times — “How To Get A Job At Google, Part 2” — has drawn a bunch of attention (if you’re curious, Part 1 of the same article is here). Part 2… Continue Reading