“Time is money” stresses the hell out of human beings

Time is money

One of the ultimate bad manager go-to moves is destroying your brain chemistry too. Continue Reading


Dealing with taxes as a freelance writer

Freelancer taxes

Worth hitting this target for a second. Continue Reading


Lead generation was killed by … itself

Lead Generation

“We put 2K leads into the pipeline last month!” yelps a middle manager. He neglects to mention that 108 of those people are, in fact, deceased. Continue Reading


A data-backed argument for business failure

Business Failure

Business failure: everyone runs from it and no one wants to be associated with it. But maybe that’s the wrong attitude. Here’s a recent article from Wall Street Journal on the most successful stocks of the past 30 years; Harvard Business Review then invited one of… Continue Reading

How about relationships before revenue?

I’ve worked a lot of different places, and had a lot of different bosses, and observed a lot of different senior management teams (and been friends with quite a few), and most of them focus on revenue (and/or growth) first and foremost. This… Continue Reading


Don’t buy all the hype on Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones 2-Faced

Start by watching the above. I did last night. I was actually pretty impressed. Paul Tudor Jones is worth about $4 billion, give or take (him personally). He’s at TED basically saying, “You know what? Capitalism has been great to… Continue Reading


Uber’s Big Data revenue push begins

Uber and Big Data

I wrote this back on January 5, 2014; that’s over a year ago. I am by no means an intelligent person, but I realized the potential value of Uber even before I ever actually sat foot in an Uber. (My wife and… Continue Reading


On the hiring vs. efficiency schism

CEOs want growth but also efficiency

What I am about to write is by no means scientific. I don’t have a lot of facts to back it up or anything. It’s mostly anecdotal from a series of places I’ve worked. Apologies in advance that this isn’t… Continue Reading