Don’t buy all the hype on Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones 2-Faced

Start by watching the above. I did last night. I was actually pretty impressed. Paul Tudor Jones is worth about $4 billion, give or take (him personally). He’s at TED basically saying, “You know what? Capitalism has been great to… Continue Reading

The biggest themes of the most-shared Internet content are…

What Does The Internet Think About?

If you read David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate a while back, you might assume that all that matters on the Internet is memes and funny (or animal) pictures. (Hell, if you’ve ever been on the Internet for 45 or… Continue Reading


Patrick Pichette (Google CFO) story: Yep, it’s awesome. But uh, he’s rich.

Patrick Pichette

This Patrick Pichette story (he was the CFO of Google) is going a little bit viral today. Here’s the basic rundown. He retired from a plum job way before you’d think an average American male in such a job would retire,… Continue Reading

4,364 people living in London have over $30 million in assets

Where do super-rich people live?

Where the globally uber-rich tend to live. Continue Reading

The Martini Report on affluent consumers will make you gauge your fucking eyes out

Hyper-Affluent WTF?

Here’s a rundown of The Martini Report on Slate; the article originally appeared on Inc, though. The headline might as well be: “Rich People … They’re Just Like Us!”