“The tyranny of the ribbon” is America’s infrastructure problem

American Crumbling Infrastructure

Look at this chart, courtesy of here: That’s terrifying, no? Now look at this chart, courtesy of the same place: Now keep that “$16.5 billion” figure in your head and look at this third chart: Hm. 

We love to talk about drones and Amazon. But what if drones could really help Africa?

First off, to anyone that actually reads this thing, apologies for not blogging since last Wednesday; I was at a conference and ’twas hard to sit down and compose some posts. I’ll be at similar conferences twice in April, so… Continue Reading

So, why are manhole covers round?

I’m not all about turning this blog into the same thing as Wikipedia — because you can find the basic answer to the question posed above by searching ‘manhole cover’ on there — but I do want to use it… Continue Reading