Automation is going to cripple us unless we care about re-training

Might be time to pull our heads out of our asses on this one. Continue Reading

It might actually suck more to NOT lose your job to automation

It might be worse if a robot doesn't steal your job

Work automation is coming, baby! The highest numbers you’ll see in various articles are close to 50 percent — meaning 1 in 2 jobs could be automated someday. That’s a whole thing, no? Today, Fast Company has an article about “What Work Will… Continue Reading

Here’s why artificial intelligence should probably terrify you

I was talking to a friend on Sunday, just about the state of the world — as one is wanton to do on a Sunday — and we started talking about the generally sci-fi idea that evolution won’t end with… Continue Reading


Can humans trust robots? No … how about we ask whether robots can trust humans, eh?

hitchBOT is going to try and cross Canada this summer as a hitchhiker. Why that’s novel: it’s ostensibly a robot made out of a bucket. “This is both an artwork and social robotics experiment,” Zeller and Harris told me in… Continue Reading

From the USS Macon to Google and Boston Dynamics, Hangar One in Moffett Field will see three generations of innovation

In 1933, Hangar One in Moffett Field was built in northern California; at the time, it was one of the largest free-standing structures in the world. It was meant to hold the USS Macon, the largest airship in the world… Continue Reading

The Robosapien is the best-selling Christmas toy everyone forgot about

Esquire did a timeline of the top-selling Christmas toys by year. If you click through it, you’ll notice three main themes: first, Elmo toys have won the entire market about three or four times; that’s probably best explained in this article.  Second,… Continue Reading