More marketing ROI: Kill off “branding”

Marketing ROI

One organizational tweak might work here. Continue Reading

Business process buried results

Business Process

Hmmm… business process. That’s a multi-layered topic, no? Let me do my best here. I think the first place you need to begin is with the idea that for most senior executives — or quote unquote decision-makers — within an… Continue Reading


No, not everyone on your team will be innovative. That’s OK.


Managers that I’ve worked with love to do one of two things when discussing their team and its members: Praise the hell out of them and talk about how they’re the “best team in the biz” (80 percent of the… Continue Reading

If you travel for work all the time, is there any ROI?

What's the ROI of business travel?

In my life, I’ve worked with probably 90-120 people who were true ‘business travel road warriors,’ meaning they’re basically gone Sunday to Thursday every week. This confuses the hell out of me. If you live in Pittsburgh and you’re always flying… Continue Reading


On no-ROI deliverables

I’ve been working 13 years. I’m about to turn 35 years old. (Less than one month, yay.) The first two years I was working, I taught inner-city elementary school in Houston as part of Teach for America. Then, I worked for… Continue Reading

Remember: mentoring ain’t the same as managing

Could write one million words on this topic — and in the process, bore the hell out of everyone reading — but instead, I’ll take a quote from this Fast Company article and we’ll go from there: You already know… Continue Reading

Time to revisit the ol’ “social media doesn’t impact the bottom line” discussion

Social Media and Sales

At most organizations, people eventually spend less time — and care less about — things that aren’t directly tied to “making money” or “hitting targets.” A major example of this is employee engagement; everyone preaches it as a core issue but, because it’s hard to… Continue Reading

Here’s another CMO study. What can it tell us?

Social Media ROI CMO Studies

Here’s a new CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) study, this time of 1,434 CMOs. (More here.) It appears the focus of this one was “social insights,” which is a valuable thing to poll 1400 CMOs about. Duke University did a CMO survey… Continue Reading