Start by trying to understand what your salary represents

Lest you think I’m going to arrive here throwing turds and/or grenades at corporate pay structures, let’s start by covering off on one thing: I actually took a graduate-level compensation class in, well, graduate school … and I got an… Continue Reading


What if companies used a Premier League relegation concept on salaries?

Hola. My name’s Ted Bauer. ‘Tis my blog. I write a lot about organizational behavior, leadership, management, marketing, the future of work, and other assorted topics. Recently I’ve been thinking that it’s pretty cool that random people may stumble across… Continue Reading


Deep thought: The three things you can’t talk about

Talk about sex, money, and failure

This is something kinda interesting to me, so I thought I’d do a quick post about it. If you really get down to it, there are three things that basically explain life: Sex: This begins it. Failure: This is what you learn from, give… Continue Reading

Buffer, a social media startup, let the world know all its salaries. That’s gauche, right? Or maybe it’s genius…

A little over a month ago, Buffer — a startup that, among other things, lets you schedule your social media postings — decided to publish its salary format and the salaries of all its current employees on its blog. You could… Continue Reading


Whatever happens with this Mack Brown and Texas situation, the whole paradigm of coaching salaries is going to shift

On surface, this whole Mack Brown thing at Texas seems like a total f’n disaster. Everyone knows the basic details, but to quickly summarize: it appears, and it could be wrong because we never completely know what happens in back rooms,… Continue Reading