More marketing ROI: Kill off “branding”

Marketing ROI

One organizational tweak might work here. Continue Reading


Does the “big deals” model of marketing work?

Big Deals

Probably not. Continue Reading


Top eCommerce trends of 2017

Some help from my friends over at payever. Continue Reading

Thought leadership: Why it’s often cringe-inducing

Thought leadership

“Second verse, same as the first, little bit louder and a whole lot worse…” Continue Reading


Personal branding: Sounds buzzword-y, is crucial

Personal Branding

A ‘brand’ is a marketing innovation — it’s a controlled series of graphics, text, and ads, etc. So a ‘personal brand’ can feel very forced or inauthentic and even buzzword-y. But that’s too bad, because in the modern hiring climate, personal branding is essential. Continue Reading


Lead generation was killed by … itself

Lead Generation

“We put 2K leads into the pipeline last month!” yelps a middle manager. He neglects to mention that 108 of those people are, in fact, deceased. Continue Reading

Does content marketing work when everyone says the same shit?

Does content marketing work?

Does content marketing work? Chances are your CMO heard about it at some conference, or got pitched it by some consultant, and they may green-light it just because they don’t really have the time to consider other options … they’ve… Continue Reading

How to fix a terrible conversion strategy

Website conversion strategy

It’s somewhat stunning to me how few marketers and salespeople think about their website’s conversion strategy. This is a true story, by the way; it’s not made up in any way. A few years ago, I had this gig in… Continue Reading