Here’s what could really shift the future of American cities away from San Francisco, New York, and Boston

You could choke a horse on the Internet with lists about the “best city” or the “future city” of America — Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and others have all topped different lists — and now there’s a new study… Continue Reading


Because we’re getting more liberal about marijuana laws, we may have to sacrifice a bit on the salmon front

In 2013, we saw a shift in marijuana legalization viewpoint — more people approved it than not. That led to legalization in Colorado, which led to the first person ever to buy it legally in Colorado, which led to this epic… Continue Reading


Montgomery Ward shut down 13 years ago today, and that may have been a turning point for America

Montgomery Ward, which operated from 1872, shuttered itself on December 28, 2000 — 13 years ago today. This probably doesn’t seem like a very big deal, as in the intervening 13 years, we’ve been able to shop perfectly fine, both… Continue Reading


The Milken Best Performing Cities list tells us to move west of the Mississippi and/or embrace Columbia, Missouri

The Milken Institute released its annual Best Performing Cities list this week. Here’s the methodology, and here’s the list of “best large cities” and “best small cities.” There are a bunch of cool features, including the ability to compare different cities,… Continue Reading


The next great startup / entrepreneur hub may be … (pause) … Indianapolis

When you think of startup culture, or tech projects, or entrepreneurs throwing money at the next big thing — be it a behind-the-scenes software or an out-in-front platform like a Facebook — you probably think of the Bay Area, maybe New York,… Continue Reading