The misconception that crushes productivity

Seat time is a bigger lie than “females don’t like sex.” Continue Reading


The time management era is upon us

Time Management Illo

We’re all pretty bad at it. And it’s making work a real chore in some contexts. Continue Reading

The definitive time equation to remember at work

Work and time management

This is primarily going to be anecdotal — i.e. based on people I’ve worked with, my friends have worked with, etc. If you want someĀ scienceĀ on people having problems balancing and understanding time (especially at work), you can read this or… Continue Reading


Maybe Slack could finally end some corporate seat time discussions

Corporate Seat Time

Last April, I wrote about how maybe Slack could revolutionize the workplace; then in February, I wrote about how they got to a $2 billion valuation with no CMO, which is insanely rare for a lot of companies. There’s something… Continue Reading


It’s no longer “time is money.” Now time is literally the new money.

Time Is The New Money

Give people their time back, instead of just more cash, and they might lock in with you for longer. Continue Reading


Why do we confuse “productivity” with “face-time” or “seat-time” at office jobs?

Productivity vs. Seat Time At Work

“Productivity” can be achieved anywhere by a person that cares about their work, so why do we pay so much attention to whether they’re in-office? Because everything comes back to control. Continue Reading