Don’t run from your shortcomings. Embrace ’em.


The system works like this: fail, fix the failure, fail again, fix that failure, and continue to grow. Oh wait. The system ** should ** work like that. BS and bluster gets in the way. Continue Reading


The Temple of Busy is making us into fat pigs

Time to find a new church — about self-improvement. Continue Reading


The self-delusion problem of leadership


Your key numbers here and 82 and 80. Continue Reading


Five factors for effective work teams

Google's keys to better teams

Even though no one seems to understand their success with living, breathing people — instead attributing it to cash or hand or KPIs or margins or some other BS — Google has long been one of the ‘best places to… Continue Reading


Your team has no self-awareness, and that’s why they don’t get projects done

Self-Awareness Important To Business

Actually thinking for a second about what you do and why you do it — rather than just headlong racing into it — can actually make a huge difference in your success (even to teams believe this stuff is a “soft skill”). Continue Reading