Opinion-seeking is a major reason videos/stories go viral

Let me start here: I don’t actually think something “going viral” is that great. If you work in social media or marketing, your focus should really be on retention. Most organizations can have one or two videos, or one or two… Continue Reading

The biggest themes of the most-shared Internet content are…

What Does The Internet Think About?

If you read David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate a while back, you might assume that all that matters on the Internet is memes and funny (or animal) pictures. (Hell, if you’ve ever been on the Internet for 45 or… Continue Reading


Wait, there are people who don’t understand that social media has an invisible audience?

Social Media Invisible Audience

I read blogs and articles from Wharton (UPenn) professors all the time, because it seems like a really reputable business school that’s given the world some really solid business thinkers (including a friend or two of mine). Most of the… Continue Reading


Do people actually read content before they share content?

Reading is the cornerstone of almost every piece of communication we undertake — that’s part of why it’s so legitimately essential — but no one, at the same time, seems to ever actually read anything. (Consider the above embedded video.) 

What can we learn about consuming pop culture from the TED ‘Ads Worth Spreading’ list?

TED just released “Ads Worth Spreading” (here’s the full list) as part of a big week for ’em (the 30th Anniversary of TED is right now in Vancouver). There are no trophies for winning, and ultimately you need to fall… Continue Reading