The Silo Effect: Kill it with fire

Silo Effect

“Everyone knows Operations is saving this place’s ass! Without us, we’d all be out on the street!” < --- this attitude, i.e. The Silo Effect and slow-moving decision-making as a result, is how we get disrupted. Continue Reading


Here’s the one reason companies fail at collaboration

From Harvard Business Review doing a review of several silo-and-collaboration focused books: Companies don’t fail at collaboration because not enough people will cooperate with one another. They fail when people work too closely in certain teams, functions, or departments without any regard… Continue Reading


Future of work: balancing cohesion and diversity

I was just poking around the Internet on Sunday AM and found a few articles on holacracy, which is a concept that intrigues me. (If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s essentially a looser, more informal management structure where traditional… Continue Reading


Spend some time investing in your team, dear manager

Invest In Your Team

I’ve written articles about concepts like 68 percent of managers not being involved in their employees’ development. I’ve also seen things where only 34 percent of managers can name the strengths of their employees. These are depressing stats, much like 95 percent of managers not understanding core… Continue Reading


Office Politics: People aren’t creatures of logic; they’re creatures of emotion

Let's abandon professionalism

That’s a Dale Carnegie quote right there. I had heard it before somewhere — one of those moments you can’t exactly place — and I just saw it again in this article. That article talks about the underlying psychology of office… Continue Reading

Content marketing might actually be taking people OFF message

Content Marketing 101

Look, there are ways to do content marketing right — Hubspot mostly does it right, and they wrote up this post this week after hitting 15,000 customers — and then there are ways to do it wrong, which notably means “Following an expert… Continue Reading


Please stop talking about how you “own a process” at work

Stop Talking About Owning A Process

If you like this post or vaguely agree (or horribly disagree) with its ideas, feel free to share it. Share buttons are down at the bottom.  There are admittedly a couple of different things about the working world that sometimes… Continue Reading


You really need to be comfortable with ideas opposite from your own

Seek Out Different Opinions

Stop clustering yourself with what you ALREADY know and understand. Break away from it. Continue Reading