Simplicity in business should be the goal

Simplicity in business

Is it painful to complete even the simplest task at work? Continue Reading


Simplicity in business as an advantage

Simplicity in Business

If everyone is running around yelping about how busy they are, wouldn’t the antidote to that logically be a greater focus on simplicity in business? Continue Reading

Here’s a good way to explain what “design” is in a business context

Simple Design Is The Key To Companies

In the “new business world” — where maybe product and inventory matter less — you can make an argument that the No. 1 thing any company needs is simple, easy-to-use-and-understand design. You could make a similar case that this basic idea — simple interfaces… Continue Reading


How about “simplicity” as a business strategy?

Simplicity as Business Strategy

Here’s one potential reality: everyone running around talking about how busy they always are might someday lead to a focus on Essentialism (whereby people instead focus on what matters, as opposed to always talking about how busy they are). That might happen. It might… Continue Reading