Simplicity in business as an advantage

Simplicity in Business

If everyone is running around yelping about how busy they are, wouldn’t the antidote to that logically be a greater focus on simplicity in business? Continue Reading

Here’s a good way to explain what “design” is in a business context

Simple Design Is The Key To Companies

In the “new business world” — where maybe product and inventory matter less — you can make an argument that the No. 1 thing any company needs is simple, easy-to-use-and-understand design. You could make a similar case that this basic idea — simple interfaces… Continue Reading


How about “simplicity” as a business strategy?

Simplicity as Business Strategy

Here’s one potential reality: everyone running around talking about how busy they always are might someday lead to a focus on Essentialism (whereby people instead focus on what matters, as opposed to always talking about how busy they are). That might happen. It might… Continue Reading