The dangerous skills gap myth

Skills Gap

Solve a problem in your business? Naw. Let’s play the blame game, baby! Continue Reading

At work, certain skills can’t belong to just a few people

Silos and the clustering of skills at work

Here’s a tricky little thing about work and the future of work: we spent most of the past century building jobs around┬áspecialized┬áskills — i.e. “He’s an IT guy!” or “She’s a designer!” — but, in the process, we created a… Continue Reading


If we want to solve the skills gap issue in the U.S., maybe we should turn to reciprocity (like parts of Europe)

“You don’t really know what you get,” she says. “If someone tells you they’re an electrician, they could have just exchanged light bulbs at an amusement park or they could have worked, maybe, at complex problems.” That quote is from… Continue Reading