Marketing objectives 101: Stop copying everyone else

Marketing Objectives 101

When I was a little bit younger, I was often confused about marketing objectives. To be honest, before I even worked in marketing, I really didn’t understand the difference between “marketing” and “advertising.” (Truth be told, most CMOs probably still… Continue Reading

Future of Marketing: Science, Storytelling, Speed, Simplicity, and Substance (5S)

  People who study business love things like “The 4Ps” (price, product, promotion, and place!) or “The 7C Compass Model” or whatever. In reality, this is mostly reams of bullshit, or a way to potentially think about the bigger ideas… Continue Reading


Marketing and the passionate minority

Clean Marketing Message

Found this over on Mack Collier — he’s a good dude and runs #BlogChat, which I should probably contribute to more — about “clean” and “dirty” conversations in the marketing space. Before you excited and think some brand is gonna start… Continue Reading


Small Business Marketing Success Stories: Twitter

Let’s start here: Twitter may be approaching a tipping point, although it could be years away. It has about 1/8 the active users of Facebook, and you can make an argument that the only people who should really be on Twitter are journalists and thought… Continue Reading

Small Business Marketing Success Stories: E-Mail Marketing

Did this yesterday with Facebook in honor of #SBW2014, so now we’ll do it with e-mail marketing. Before we get going, remember two things: (1) please don’t call this “an e-mail blast“ and (2) always keep in mind that human attention… Continue Reading

Small Business Marketing Success Stories: Facebook

Since it’s Small Business Week, I thought it might be interesting/helpful/something to create a series of posts around the different ways that small businesses can use “this new marketing reality” to position themselves better. Whether you’re a fan of Thomas Friedman… Continue Reading