More marketing ROI: Kill off “branding”

Marketing ROI

One organizational tweak might work here. Continue Reading


Digital noise: How bad is it, really? [Quantification]

Digital Noise

6,000 tweets per second. 136,000 new Facebook images per minute. How are we cutting through all this clutter? Continue Reading


Opinion-seeking is a major reason videos/stories go viral

Let me start here: I don’t actually think something “going viral” is that great. If you work in social media or marketing, your focus should really be on retention. Most organizations can have one or two videos, or one or two… Continue Reading


Most businesses forget the first word of “social media”

Social Media Should Actually Be Social

In case you don’t read left to right, I’ll outline it for you: the first word of “social media” is, in fact, social. I’ve heard people describe social media as “in an awkward adolescence,” and that’s generally pretty true. Just like with teenagers,… Continue Reading

How do you get your idea to catch on?

How To Get Ideas To Catch On

Challenging question, right? And in a way, kind of the crux of everything. If you have the greatest idea in the history of mankind but no one buys into it, well … was it really the greatest idea in the history… Continue Reading

Time to revisit the ol’ “social media doesn’t impact the bottom line” discussion

Social Media and Sales

At most organizations, people eventually spend less time — and care less about — things that aren’t directly tied to “making money” or “hitting targets.” A major example of this is employee engagement; everyone preaches it as a core issue but, because it’s hard to… Continue Reading

Start taking responsibility for your own analytics

Take ownership of analytics

From here: “Can you imagine a CFO going to the CEO and saying, ‘I don’t really know how to read a balance sheet, but I have someone on my team who is really good at it.’ We would laugh that… Continue Reading

The new Facebook algorithm is bad for brands too

Facebook Algorithms and Brands

Here are the basics of the newest Facebook algorithm: The first update will improve the experience for people who do not have a lot of content available to see. Previously, there was a rule that you would not see multiple… Continue Reading