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Brief thought exercise: does it really matter how many Twitter followers you have?

I used to work with this kid back in the day; almost three or four times a workday, he would tell someone (or speak to himself out loud, which I would classify as… Continue reading

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Is the Maggie Daniels case quite possibly going to be solved through social media? Coach Lytton, the neighbor, etc?

I wrote a little about the Maggie Daniels murder investigation earlier this week; you can click that link for most of the background on the case. There was a comment on my initial… Continue reading

It might take 371 days for your mom to friend you on Facebook

This is kind of old, but I just learned about it. Sue me. Facebook did a study on family dynamics within the site –utilizing millions of users — and found a bunch of… Continue reading

76 percent of business interactions on social media are “neutral?” That’s boring.

Big organizations may have ruined social in some ways. They rushed in at one point trying to be cool, and now your NewsFeed and Timeline and whatever else can be cluttered with stuff… Continue reading

Penalty kicks are the conclusive proof that Twitter is just a big digital sports bar

I’d like to say this is a sign that I’m older and more mature, but it’s probably not: I haven’t watched a lot of this World Cup in bars. Most of it has… Continue reading

Amazon vs. Netflix is getting more and more interesting

Just learned this today: Amazon has an entire landing page for “not on Netflix.” A shot across the bow? Perhaps. It’s kind of interesting broadly, though: five-six years ago, you would maybe kinda view Amazon and… Continue reading

The world got impatient; one second of slower load time can cost Amazon $1.6 billion across a year

There are some statistics you run across in the course of consuming information that just straight up blow your mind. Here’s one example: The most staggering statistic in @VaclavSmil’s new book: b-gat.es/1oYsC7G http://t.co/QPcBscSLXj—… Continue reading

Even as organic reach declines, Facebook’s best day for engagement is Fridays

There’s a cool post over at Buffer about surprising social media statistics, and while a few different things stand out — for example, about 91 percent of your mentions on Twitter will likely… Continue reading