Everyone lies, but HOW is based on social class

Lying and Class Level

The reason behind you being a liar is probably based on your socioeconomic status. Continue Reading

What are the best cities, economically, for African-Americans?

Best Cities for African-Americans

Real talk, element 1: in December 2014, the unemployment rate for African-Americans was a little over 10%; that’s twice the rate of whites in America. That gap has been fairly consistent for a little over 40 years. Real talk, element 2: in… Continue Reading


By 2050, minorities will be the majority

Minorities Outnumbering Whites In U..S.

Back-to-school 2014 was the first time in U.S. history that more minorities than whites were in public schools. That’s somewhat of an epoch moment, especially for those who believe “America” is for “Americans” — which ignores the entire narrative that the… Continue Reading


How I tried to change my personal mantra

Stand By Your Vision and Create Your Own Revolution

On Saturday, I was walking in Antwerp, Belgium in a fashion-forward area of the city. (If you want to know how I got to Belgium, read this; if you want to see some cool pictures I took in Belgium, read this.) Anyway,… Continue Reading


Can you make friends after 30?

Making friends after 30

I just moved a few months ago and I’ve been trying. It’s not that easy. But why? Continue Reading


Charles Duhigg on habits and habit formation: ’tis all about cue, routine and reward

In a way, habits are everything in your life — and Charles Duhigg is getting a bunch of attention recently for his book The Power of Habit, which talks about basic issues like “How are habits formed?” and “How can we change… Continue Reading


If you’re emotional at work, will that kill your career?

Showing emotions at work

This is a pretty nuanced issue, and I’m not sure I’m going to give it the most comprehensive treatment available (simply because there are huge gaps in own knowledge), so I’ll try to keep this (comparatively) brief as a potential… Continue Reading


Where do low-income residents tend to live together the most? (As well as high-income residents.) Er, San Antonio and Memphis.

Cities have become increasingly economically segregated in the last decade or so, according to various studies (for example, this one). There’s been some pretty substantial discussions about this and what it all means across the Internet by people far more… Continue Reading