Soft skills, and how to hire for ’em

Soft skills

You can’t claim to be “data-driven” if the data only applies to processes and products. Gotta apply to people too. Continue Reading


Leadership training needs to be blown up and redone

Leadership training

Say it loud and proud: make it relevant in the context of stressful jobs where software programs can do the process work. Continue Reading

Is emotionally intelligent leadership gonna die with mobile?

Emotionally intelligent leadership

Emojis are gonna rule us all. Continue Reading


Communicating at work maybe isn’t ROI, but focus on it

Check out this graphic; I got it from an article on¬†Harvard Business Review¬†about the leadership traits that employees don’t like about their managers: Break this down for a second:

Remember: mentoring ain’t the same as managing

Could write one million words on this topic — and in the process, bore the hell out of everyone reading — but instead, I’ll take a quote from this Fast Company article and we’ll go from there: You already know… Continue Reading