What are the best games in NFL Divisional Playoff history?


Last night’s Cardinals-Packers Divisional game was a classic, perhaps made even moreso because the teams met a few weeks ago and the game was a total rout. (The same team did win both times, though.) That happens a lot in… Continue Reading

When will the 2015 Clemsoning happen?


Clemson is currently No. 3 in the AP Top 25 and No. 6 in the coaches poll; they just beat a team (Miami) so badly that said team fired their coach. They won a massive game earlier in the season… Continue Reading

Heisman Trophy 2015: Leonard Fournette vs. Trevone Boykin, right?

That’s how it would seem, about halfway (six weeks) through the season. Fournette has 119 carries for 1,022 yards and 12 TDs; he’s in a tie with 10 other all-time players for the fastest person to 1,000 yards in a… Continue Reading

Is Step 1 in the Golden State Warriors dynasty tonight?

Warriors Becoming A Dynasty

Food for thought: the last team to win the NBA Finals with no players with any Finals experience was the 1991 Chicago Bulls. We know what ultimately happened there: dynasty. 1991, 1992, and 1993. If MJ doesn’t go “ride the bus,” then maybe 1994 and… Continue Reading

Opening Day + NCAA Championship used to be my playground

Opening Day + NCAA Championship Same Day

If you ever want to really draw a harsh line in the sand around “Adulthood,” think of a cherished period of time from your childhood — say, dew-encased summer evenings — and then consider what you’re doing on those same… Continue Reading

Wisconsin > Kentucky is Duke > UNLV 1991

Kentucky Wisconsin UNLV Duke

Follow the bouncing ball here. 1990 National Championship Game: Duke vs. UNLV (UNLV won by 30. Mostly awful game.) 1991 Final Four: Duke vs. UNLV (Duke avenges, wins by 2 over undefeated UNLV team … and in Indianapolis no less.)… Continue Reading


It’s probably time to fire JT3, Georgetown

Fire JT3 Georgetown

I went to Georgetown University for undergraduate. I’m old, so that was a long time ago (graduated in 2003). Four years after my crew of people graduated, we made a Final Four run with John Wallace and Jeff Green, etc.… Continue Reading

Iowa State, Baylor: Let’s talk about 14-over-3 seed NCAA Tournament upsets

Bad Day For 3-Seeds

Two three seeds lost in the first round of the first day of the first block of the NCAA Tournament earlier: Iowa State (who I had to the Final Four in some brackets) and Baylor. Since the switch to a… Continue Reading