Uber had a $1.2 billion funding round, but please don’t think it’s worth $17 billion

It was the (single-biggest) funding round of all-time, surpassing Facebook from years ago, and it’s been confirmed on their official blog. The valuation is $17 billion, one of the largest tech start-up valuations ever, and it appears “the sharing economy” may be well… Continue Reading


Cities go with low taxes to attract entrepreneurs and new companies; the entrepreneurs want talent and livability

Fact: San Francisco and Boston — two innovation hubs based on coasts, universities, etc. — are becoming more expensive. Fact: cities like Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, right there in the heartland/Rust Belt, are beginning to attract new start-ups and incubators and… Continue Reading


The next great startup / entrepreneur hub may be … (pause) … Indianapolis

When you think of startup culture, or tech projects, or entrepreneurs throwing money at the next big thing — be it a behind-the-scenes software or an out-in-front platform like a Facebook — you probably think of the Bay Area, maybe New York,… Continue Reading