Senior management: Values the same, personalities different

Jobs Wozniak and the Key to Management

Since almost the dawn of time, people have been trying to figure out the exact right combination of leaders/managers to make a company or idea successful. Extroverts? Introverts? Hard-chargers? Listeners? Etc. For almost the same amount of time, people have been breathlessly trying… Continue Reading


Why is it so fucking complicated for people to understand Apple’s success?

Apple's Success

This is a weird little personal statistic, but I’ve been in about 20 conversations over the last six months where someone mentioned Apple (the company) and tried to explain their success, and basically got some of it right, but otherwise… Continue Reading

Here’s something that could kill the tech industry

Steve Jobs 1995 Wired

We know two things somewhat conclusively in this argument: There are many people who believe San Francisco will someday become what Detroit has become (and is recovering from). 89 percent of the initial Fortune 500 doesn’t exist anymore. To quote Varsity Blues: “Things… Continue Reading


Start quoting Tim Cook in your presentations, ya prick

Tim Cook

Tim Cook has apparently created as much value as Steve Jobs did since becoming Apple CEO — and of course, Cook did it while also dropping some less-than-secret personal contexts that make him stand out in the tech industry. In… Continue Reading