Marketing 101: How about a simple YouTube video explaining your business?

Let me try to walk through this logically. I may step on some land mines, and if/when I do, I apologize. If you have a business and that business makes any type of money or gets any type of funding,… Continue Reading

Link traditional marketing and digital marketing. Pause. Make money.

From a Fast Company article on Universal (the movie company) having a good year: Never was this more on display than over the summer, when the studio’s digital play—a combination of meme-inspired Snapchat geofilters; Periscoped red carpet premieres; and a VR stunt… Continue Reading


The role of storytelling in leadership

Here’s an interesting post I found this AM on “4 Stories Great Leaders Tell,” and here’s a good quote: The Impact of a Story: A 10-year, 100,000-person study conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada by the O.C. Tanner Institute and HealthStream… Continue Reading

The Shrine of Big Numbers is killing marketing

You can probably figure out what the concept means from the headline. Basically, many people in marketing think about things in terms of the biggest numbers possible, because those are the impressive things you want to report back up a… Continue Reading

We should rebrand the idea of “brand”

A couple of weeks ago, I landed in Toronto from DFW. The customs line was insanely long; I ended up waiting on it about 1 hour+. I was kind of near a co-worker, but not close enough to actually speak… Continue Reading

How do you get your idea to catch on?

How To Get Ideas To Catch On

Challenging question, right? And in a way, kind of the crux of everything. If you have the greatest idea in the history of mankind but no one buys into it, well … was it really the greatest idea in the history… Continue Reading


Marketing really needs to evolve

Marketing Needs To Evolve

I currently work in marketing, and while I abhor the concept of “the marketing expert,” I do tend to write about it a lot. Here’s one super-esoteric example of that. I also poke around and read about marketing a lot — because… Continue Reading

Digital Marketing 101: Know your brand, add value for your user, take risks

Digital Marketing 101

Stop chasing pointless metrics all the time. Focus on these core tenets. Continue Reading